5 Weird AC Noises You Should Not Ignore

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An air conditioning system works continuously to provide comfort in the high temperatures of the summer season. The AC system makes a low operating noise when it works to process cool air. It can be an alarming sign if the AC system does not make low operating noise, which would mean it is not working.

However, it does not mean the AC system should make loud noises. If you hear unusual and strange noises, it is better to call our AC service experts in Corpus Christi for inspection because it is a sign that the AC needs repairing.

Five Weird AC Noises You Should Not Ignore

Here is some noises that indicate the AC system needs technician attention because there is an issue:

  • Rattling

Your HVAC system may start to rattle at some point. If the outdoor unit makes noise, your system may have small rocks or twigs lodged inside it. It can also be due to a missing bolt or a broken compressor fan. A rattling sound could also develop when your air supply fan becomes unsteady.

Call our AC repair technician in Corpus Christi as soon as you hear this sound. Our expert will inspect the AC system to find the issue and suggest an effective solution.

  • Hissing

A hissing sound is an indication of refrigerant or air leakage. If there is a leakage in the duct system, the warm or chilled air escapes through leaky air ducts, and your HVAC system works less efficiently.

If you hear a hissing noise around the AC system, it is a sign of refrigerant leakage. It is better to call our AC service experts in Corpus Christi to fix the issue because it might increase the strain on the compressor, and your AC system might shut down.

  • Clanking

A clanking noise denotes a problem with loose bolts or AC components. The blades of the indoor or outdoor fans may become out of balance and run into other internal HVAC components, making a clanking noise. It is a sign that indicates the mechanical components need lubrication to function smoothly.

  • Squealing

The AC system makes a squealing noise when the issue is in the fan belt. If the fan belt is worn-down or out of place, you may hear squealing noise. Moreover, it can also indicate an issue with condenser bearings. It’s better to call our AC repair experts in Corpus Christi for a quick check.

  • Clicking

You probably hear a clicking sound when you turn the thermostat for your HVAC system on or off. However, there could be a significant electrical issue if you often hear clicking from your HVAC system. You can also hear a clicking sound if the AC capacitor malfunctions.

Bottom Line

Unusual or loud AC operating noise can be disruptive and a nuisance. Alpha AC & Heating experts can help you fix the malfunctioning AC system. Our team will identify the noise source and provide an effective solution to fix the issue.

Do not wait to call the AC repair service in Corpus Christi! Call us at (361)845-1822, and we’ll be happy to assist you resolve your cooling issues.