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Air Conditioning Replacement for Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Aransas Pass, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

Get Your AC Replaced With Our Flexible, Straightforward Financing and Prices

It is important to make sure you get high-quality air conditioning replacement for the right price and financing. It is difficult to stay indoors on any given day, which could be made even worse by having an improperly heated or cool environment inside your home. Stay comfortable this spring and summer by having your old AC replaced by one of our top-quality expert installers. We will service anyone who lives in the Corpus Christi area in Texas.

Does Your Old AC Keep Cropping Up New Issues?Air Conditioning Replacement for Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Aransas Pass, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

Maybe there is a foul odor coming from your AC, even after having the filtration and motors replaced. Or something is rattling around inside it because something got loose and you don’t know what it is. Again. Worse, you could have difficulties staying indoors because of poor air conditioning and an overabundance of humidity, even with your current AC. Chances are you need your AC replaced. People who are known to have asthma, allergies, or other breathing difficulties are known for being at risk in this current climate. Why put yourself at risk when you can have a new AC installed?

How Would You Like A Lower Electric Bill And Still Keep All Your Appliances Running?

Not only does our flexible financing allow you to control your budget, but newer AC’s are also known for decreasing electric bills because they are much more efficient than older ones.

As with the newer light bulbs and appliances, newer AC’s are much more energy efficient than those of the past. Older models are known to cause problematic spikes in electric bills. With a lower electric bill, you can keep your AC running even longer while also running more appliances without causing them to overheat.

Do You Want To Add Value To Your Home?

Add up to 5% of your home’s value and get a new AC installed. According to Consumer Reports, home automation and other newer systems, like an AC, can add value to your home. If 5% sounds too small to consider, think of it this way: that is an increased value of $5,000 – $15,000, depending on the current market value of your home. Not only do you have flexible financing and affordable prices with our AC’s, you can also get an increased value on your home.

Depending on the age of your air conditioner and other factors, your unit may need to be replaced. Alpha A/C and Heating is proud to offer fast, affordable air conditioning replacement.

Here are a few warning signs that it might be time for a new AC system:Air Conditioning Replacement for Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Aransas Pass, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

  • Your AC isn’t putting out good airflow even though you changed the filter and opened all the vents.
  • Water is pooling around your unit, or you’ve noticed (or smelled) coolant leaking.
  • The air conditioner isn’t cooling your home the way it used to, especially if it’s over 10 to 15 years old.
  • Parts of your house aren’t cooling like the rest. In this case, it may only be the thermostat, which is usually an easy fix. Occasionally, however, it may be a more significant issue.
  • The AC’s been making unusual noises, such as squealing, grinding, or banging.
  • Within the last year, the air conditioning unit has been requiring frequent repairs.
  • Although you haven’t changed your thermostat setting, your energy bill seems higher every month.

Fast AC Replacement Meets Affordability

Replacing your AC is a big purchase. We never want a surprise expense to cause you and your family financial hardship, which is why we offer financing for air conditioner replacement. We’ll explain all the options available for a payment plan, making sure you get the best price and lowest interest rate.

The Experts in Air Conditioning Installation

If our diagnostic reveals that you do need to have your air conditioning unit replaced, your technician will go over several factors with you to ensure you get the AC model you need. We’ll discuss your comfort requirements, any health and safety needs due to respiratory conditions, etc., any planned renovations to add square footage, energy efficiency, and anything else which may have an impact on AC capacity. With Alpha A/C and Heating, you’ll get an excellent new air conditioner without breaking the bank.

Call us today for an estimate on AC replacement in Corpus Christi, Texas.