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Heating Repair in Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Aransas Pass, TX, and Surrounding Areas

At Alpha A/C and Heating not only do our technicians provide heating repair service to deliver a nice and warm home on those cold winters days and nights, but they can actually help you lower your utility bills. We truly understand the importance of cutting your energy and operating costs, making you comfortable, making the system safe to operate for you and your family and protecting the environment. That’s why you should trust Alpha A/C & Heating with your heating repair.

All of our professionally trained technicians are skilled at finding energy-wasting problems on your heating system.

We also offer financing to our customers. CALL US NOW at (361) 854-1822!

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Replacement or Upgrades

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Here are some of the many reasons to decide to replace your heating system instead of repairing it:

  • Your heat pump is more than 10 years old.
  • Your furnace or boiler is more than 15 years old.
  • Your heating system needs frequent repairs and your energy bills are going up.
    Some rooms in your home are too cold.
  • Your home has “too dry” humidity problems.
  • Your home has excessive amounts of dust.
  • Your heating system operates too noisily.

The best place to start is with our Home Survey to help you quickly identify your requirements for:

  • Home use such as special heating conditions due to a home office, an exercise room, parties or if there exists unnecessary heating of closed-off rooms or during unoccupied periods.
  • Comfort requirements such as stale air problems, specific rooms that are too hot or too cold, system noise levels, or air that is too humid (muggy) or too dry (e.g. static electricity, dry throat or skin).
  • Health/safety requirements such as indoor air quality, respiratory conditions, humidity control, or child safety concerns around your system.
  • Property requirements such as if you are planning home renovations or adding on to your home.
  • Financial requirements such as the importance of saving money on energy consumption and operating cost, or working with a contractor that can protect a homeowner from risk and liability, or your wish to explore financing options.

Adding a NEW Heating System

Is your home without a forced-air heating system? If so, we have options available to you. You can install a ducted system or you may consider a lower cost installation of a ductless mini-split system.

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Extending Your Furnace’s LifespanHeating Repair in Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Aransas Pass, TX, and Surrounding Areas

Once warmer weather hits, most people turn down their thermostat and forget about their furnace for the rest of the season. But cool winter nights are when your heater has to work the hardest. Think about it like this: your furnace just got done running a marathon. Now it needs to rest. By addressing your furnace’s health in early Spring when it needs the most attention, you’ll be adding valuable years to the life of your heating system.

Planning Ahead and Being Proactive

Nothing is worse than firing up your heater in the fall and finding out there is a problem. It can be downright panic-inducing. It pays to schedule a tune-up in the springtime while there’s still plenty of time to solve any potential problems. If you do need to repair or replace your furnace, you can use the summer months to shop around for the best heater repair in Corpus Christi and make sure that you find the best deal possible without paying emergency prices come fall or winter.

Take Advantage of a Maintenance Plan

There’s no better way to make sure you don’t get left out in the cold next winter than by scheduling an early maintenance visit. If you’re looking for the best possible heater repair in Corpus Christi Texas, look into Alpha A/C and Heating’s scheduled maintenance plan. Proactive intervention and routine check ups can mean the difference between a home with working heat and a freezer come next season. Give us a call today to set up a routine evaluation.

Proud to be providing heating service in Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Aransas Pass, TX, and the surrounding areas!  It’s our hometown and your comfort is our business.  Contact us today.