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Due to the COVID pandemic over the last few years, many people have decided to spend less time outdoors and instead, spend the majority of time inside their homes. The primary reason to stay inside is to stay protected from dangerous diseases. For this reason, indoor air quality becomes very important.

The bacteria and viruses in our indoor air can decrease our health index, so you must ensure your home has high indoor air quality. The best way to ensure high indoor air quality is by contacting our technician in Corpus Christi, to keep your HVAC appliances under check.

Indoor Air Quality And Your HVAC appliances

You may think your HVAC appliances do not affect indoor air quality, but this is not true. Your HVAC appliances can increase or decrease indoor air quality, so you should take care of them. It would help if you understood the connection between your HVAC appliances and indoor air quality.

Your HVAC appliances have air filters in them that work continuously to purify your indoor air. The air filters have web-like structures that efficiently capture bacteria, viruses, allergens, pollen, and pet hair. This way, your air filters, and HVAC appliances maintain indoor air quality.

It would help if you replaced your air filters timely to maintain the air quality. However, if your family still suffers from seasonal allergies, you should contact our technician for indoor air quality in Corpus Christi. They can suggest other air filters with a high MERV rating that catch bacteria better.

Moreover, our technician can suggest external gadgets to maintain indoor air quality, like humidifiers and dehumidifiers, to control the humidity levels. Balanced humidity levels also play an integral role in indoor air quality. Choosing our reliable and trusted HVAC technician is your best option to enhance indoor air quality.

Our technician will also check the ducts of your HVAC appliance if you have poor indoor air quality. High dust accumulation in the ducts can decrease indoor air quality, so the ducts require a thorough cleaning at least once a year.

Tips To Increase The Air Quality Yourself!

If you cannot contact our technician for indoor air quality services in Corpus Christi, you should know some tips that can help you enhance indoor air quality easily. With these tips, you can take care of your indoor air quality without spending too much money:

Ensure the cooking vents of your kitchen work efficiently and remove all soot and smoke from the area. The kitchen gives off a large amount of soot that can decrease your indoor air quality.

You should regularly clean the rugs and carpets of your home. They are home to a large amount of dust, and you must clean them at least once a week.

Invest in an air purifier to maintain high-level air in your residence. Moreover, you can purchase a programmable thermostat that detects and displays humidity levels. It helps you to have a better understanding of the air around you.

Alpha AC & Heating Experts Will Help You Maintain Indoor Air Quality Levels!

Now that you know the importance of high indoor air quality for your home, you should also know a reliable company to provide you with high-quality indoor air quality services in Corpus Christi. Allow Alpha AC & Heating to look after your indoor air quality and HVAC problems. Call (361) 854-1822 or email us your queries.


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