Why Does It Sound Like Water Is Running From Your AC?

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Your air conditioner is built to eliminate most of the humidity in the space and to prevent water from collecting. If you hear water running from your AC, it is likely that the moisture is not properly draining, and the drip pan is overflowing if your air conditioner. This may result in several issues, which may eventually require professional attention.

If you are looking for a professional AC company to perform an AC tune-up in Corpus Christi, call Alpha AC and Heating to evaluate the sounds coming from your system and to repair any issues.

Common Causes Of Sound

There are several frequent reasons why your air conditioner could sound like it is pouring water.

  • Condensate Drain Line Obstruction

Our professional will check the condensate drain line if your air conditioner is generating a dripping noise. This is the most frequent problem because dust can accumulate and obstruct the flow. Leaks or even a total shutdown of your appliance can be brought on by a drain line that is constantly clogged.

  • Incorrect Installation Or Unit Size

It’s possible that the wrong-sized unit is to blame if your air conditioner sounds like flowing water. Insufficiently sized air conditioning units must work harder to cool a home, which hastens their wear and tear. Call our AC tune-up specialist in Corpus Christi to inspect the machine if your air conditioner has trouble cooling the entire house.

The condensate pump is damaged.
Operating your air conditioner with a damaged condensate pump could result in costly repairs. Check your pump first to determine whether the float is trapped. If so, unblocking it is an easy solution. On the other hand, a cracked float necessitates calling our professional to replace the float and sometimes the entire pump.

  • Lack Of Refrigeration

A specific quantity and kind of refrigerant are needed for AC units. If your unit is lacking, a leak in the compressor line may be to blame. The evaporator coils freeze when there is insufficient refrigerant, which can also harm the compressor. To solve this issue, contact our AC company in Corpus Christi and have our professional handle it because adding too much refrigerant can potentially lead to harm.

  • Defective Drain Pan

The drain pan may rust and crack over time. Without realizing it, your drain pan may leak. Contact us for AC tune-up in Corpus Christi if your drain pans have significant damage. If necessary our expert might replace the pan and inspect the surrounding region and the unit to ensure everything is in working order.

  • Clogged Air Filter

A dirty air filter may impede airflow to the evaporator coil. Because there isn’t enough air, the coil freezes, and when the ice melts, it overflows the drain pan.

Fixing The AC's Running Water Sounds.

The below steps can fix the water sounds:

  • Turn the AC off
  • Assess the drip pan
  • Clean the condensate line
  • Monitor refrigerant levels

Contact Experts!

Continuous air conditioner noise can be extremely annoying and cause significant harm to your home and the entire system. Call Alpha AC and Heating to evaluate the sounds coming from your system and to repair any symptoms that water damage is on its way.

Contact us to schedule a preventive maintenance appointment to avoid such scenarios and guarantee that your equipment is in good working order.